Beijiang Restaurant


Beijiang, the first
Halal restaurant in Vancouver

Opened in 2009 as the first halal restaurant in Vancouver, offering traditional Uyghur style cuisine with a focus on lamb and chicken dishes, specialty bread, spiced skewers, dumplings and various rice and noodle offerings.

Since its humble beginnings, Beijiang Restaurant has since then grown to be featured in various food magazines, websites and other media, becoming an established brand associated with deliciously unique food and great customer service in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Richmond Main Store

+1 (778) 297-4988
Monday to Sunday 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.
The birthplace of
Chinese-Uyghur cuisine
Starting out from Vancouver,
Beijiang became the first Uyghur style
cuisine franchise in North America

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Jan 14, 2018

XinJiang Halal Uyghur Cuisine: Beijiang Restaurant


Alexandra Road, also known as “Food Street,” in Richmond seems to have an endless number of choices for Asian cuisine. One longstanding restaurant in the area, Beijiang Restaurant, has been open since 2009 and specializes in Halal Xinjiang Ugyhur-style dishes. Beijiang was formerly located at...

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