Beijiang, the first
Halal restaurant in Vancouver

Opened in 2009 as the first halal restaurant in Vancouver, offering traditional Uyghur style cuisine with a focus on lamb and chicken dishes, specialty bread, spiced skewers, dumplings and various rice and noodle offerings.

Since its humble beginnings, Beijiang Restaurant has since then grown to be featured in various food magazines, websites and other media, becoming an established brand associated with deliciously unique food and great customer service in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Come try out unique Uyghur style cuisine,
with famous dishes such as our
Cumin Lamb, Dapan Chicken and Specialty Bread

We’ve received more than 300
5 stars reviews from customers

Hanumanth A.

This is an undiscovered gem. Amazing Eastern Chinese restaurant with excellent spicy food. Their lamb stir fry is the best.

Randolph Y.

Drove down the wrong street in Richmond and ended up in front of this fantastic restaurant. The Chinese food has a middle eastern flavour which is really nice bc the food uses some spices that are different than the normal Chinese flavours such as cumin, chilli and some sour. The place has nice decor representing the food it serves, it is clean, pleasant, organized and the staff is friendly. This is a good restaurant if you are tired of the usual Chinese food restaurants and flavours.

VickiE G.

Really good lamb kabobs and hand made noodles!The naan was really thick and yummy but once it gets cold is meh! Service is super with included dessert!

Featured Articles

Jan 16, 2018

Beijiang Restaurant – Halal Uyghur in Richmond [REVIEW]

Nosh & Nibble

Taking a quick glance at Richmond's restaurant variety and you'd be accurate in a mostly Western chains, Chinese seafood restaurants, and Taiwanese snack shacks. That makes it all the more exciting to introduce a place like Beijiang Restaurant that features a halal Chinese menu. Hailing from the XinJiang region of China, some worlds collide to produce a new menu thanks to the harsh climate and traditional spices. I was invited to be part of a tasting experience of Beijiang Restaurant in Richmond.

Jan 14, 2018

Beijiang Restaurant: Halal Uyghur Cuisine in Richmond

Beijiang Restaurant opened in 2009 as the first Halal restaurant in Vancouver serving Uyghur dishes like Dapanji and Cumin Lamb. They recently moved to Leslie Road in Richmond, which now has their own parking lot. I was invited to check out the restaurant since I haven’t been here before. I don’t normally eat Uyghur dishes but I absolutely love the flavour profiles of chilis and cumin...

Jan 14, 2018

XinJiang Halal Uyghur Cuisine: Beijiang Restaurant


Alexandra Road, also known as “Food Street,” in Richmond seems to have an endless number of choices for Asian cuisine. One longstanding restaurant in the area, Beijiang Restaurant, has been open since 2009 and specializes in Halal Xinjiang Ugyhur-style dishes. Beijiang was formerly located at Venezia Place on Alexandra Road but moved to neighboring block Leslie Road about 6 months ago. I was invited to a media tasting at Beijiang restaurant last week by way of Here’s a look at what the restaurant has to offer.

Sep 28, 2018

Bring Your Appetite to Richmond’s Food Street


Where to start, with the bingsoo or the bibimpap, the crêpes or the xiao long bao? Whatever you decide, one thing is certain: You certainly won’t be leaving Richmond’s Alexandra Road hungry. These three blocks just east of No. 3 Road, between Leslie Road and Alderbridge Way, are chock-full of restaurants—some 200 of them...

Mar 28, 2018

Richmond’s Beijiang Restaurant a non-traditional Easter dinner of non-traditional cuisines

The Globe and Mail

Happy Easter. Some people celebrate the holiday with chocolate eggs and marshmallow bunnies. Me? I’m a blasphemous nonconformist. I’ll be celebrating this year’s moveable feast by dining in Richmond, B.C., a city in a galaxy not so far away, but one in which the eclectic restaurant scene can transport you to the remotest corners of China and beyond, while never ceasing to amaze...

Jan 19, 2018

Relocated in Richmond: Beijiang Restaurant offers a Taste of Uyghur Cuisine

Vancouver Foodie Pulse

Beijiang Restaurant, an establishment offering Halal Uyghur and Chinese cuisine in Richmond since 2009, has recently taken over former Good Eat Seafood’s location at 8111 Leslie Road. “We love the new location with the bigger main dining room and a secluded area to host private events. And we now have our own parking lot”, owner Richard Li was excited about the move. Richard, who grew up in Ürümqi, the Capital of Xinjiang...


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